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Book Name:The silent patient
Author : Alex Michealides
Genre : Psychological thriller
Publication :5th february 2019
Plot : Alicia and Gabriel had been married for seven years. Alicia was a painter, and Gabriel was a well-known fashion photographer.Alicia was convicted for her husband’s murder. Police discovered Alicia standing by the fireplace and Gabriel’s body was found on the chair motionless, wrapped by wire. He was shot several times on the face. After this incident, Alicia remained silent, never spoke again. When she was under house arrest,she draw a picture of herself and named it Alcestis.(Alcestis is the heroine of Greek myth.It is the love story of the saddest kind.Alcestis willingly sacrifices her life for that of her husband, Admetus, dying in his place when no one else will. An unsettling myth of self-sacrifice.)
Alicia’s silent in front of judge made it clear her mental state was not stable and she was shifted to a psychiatric hospital. Theo is the main character in this story who is a psychiatric and try to discover Alicia, why she is silent? why she killed her husband whom she loved so much.
This book was recommended by one of my friend. The ending startled me. I would suggest to read this book.
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