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Sachitra Jouno Bigyan Books Pdf download

সচিত্র যৌনবিজ্ঞান – Sachitra Jouno Bigyan Books Pdf download


When we remember the name of the detective story, the names of Sherlock Holmes, Ercul Poirot or Feluda come to mind. The name Mitinmasi will float in the minds of very few people. It’s not that people haven’t read Mitinmasi, it’s just that it’s not the usual detective story.
Mitinmasi is more of a travel story than a detective story. There is also a touch of mystery. Therefore, readers of any age will like it while reading Mitinmasi.

In addition to Mitinmasi, Tupur and Parthameso are important characters in this book. There are many juicy descriptions of different foods in different places in the book called Parthameso cuisine. Which brings water to the tip of the tongue while reading a book.

When you start reading Mitinmasi, you will see that you too have become a part of their travel espionage. Each character will feel closer. You will also like their naughtiness.
Another interesting aspect of this book was that the clues to the various stories would be presented to you in such a way that you could do some spying yourself. It will not be difficult to unravel the mystery by arranging different clues.

The book may not sound like a detective story, but if you start without expectation, you will be able to enjoy the detective story along with the travel story.

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