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মুসলিম জাতি বিশ্বকে কি দিয়েছে Pdf

muslim jati bissok-ki dieche pdf – মুসলিম জাতি বিশ্বকে কি দিয়েছে pdf download

বই: মুসলিমজাতি বিশ্বকে কি দিয়েছে (১-৪খন্ড)
লেখক: ড. রাগিব সারজানি
পৃষ্ঠা: মোট ১৩৮০
প্রকাশনী: মাকতাবাতুল হাসান

This book is enough to know the true-complete form of Islam and Islamic civilization.
The first part of the book begins with an analytical discussion of the acquired values ​​and prosperity of other rich civilizations in the pre-Islamic world. The basic foundations and coexistence of all ancient civilizations have been extensively analyzed. An analysis of how rational, acceptable, universal and long-lasting Islamic civilization has been compared to ancient civilizations has been.

The overall picture of the condition of other civilizations in the development of Islam has also been discussed.
Principles and Foundations of Islamic Civilization, Ethnicity in Islam, Liberal Principles, Unique Features of Islamic Civilization, Muslim Contribution to Morals and Values, Concepts of Freedom in Islamic Civilization, Fundamentals of Civilization The book continues through informative discussions.
Then the complementary position of knowledge in Islam, the acquisition of compulsory knowledge for all, the advancement of Muslim scientists towards experimental and practical knowledge, the friendly position of Muslim rulers in the field of all-encompassing knowledge and knowledge are discussed.
The second part has started with more excellence.

First of all, there has been a reference discussion on how rich and up-to-date the education system was in the Muslim civilization, similar to the present system of primary, secondary and higher secondary education. At that time the number of educational institutions in the Muslim world was not much less than the present modern civilization. At that time, each library was so large that even if thousands of students acquired thematic knowledge in different places in the same library, there was no need to worry about space constraints.
You will be amazed at the richness of the thematic libraries of the time and the usefulness of the growing Islamic University for the overall spread of knowledge. The development of geniuses in Muslim society and the systematic management of the copyrights of the geniuses also outpace the current library management.

When you see the contribution of Muslim scholars in the fields of conventional branches of science i.e. physics, chemistry, medicine, geometry, geography and astronomy, your eyes are bound to rise to your forehead. This information has been given not on the basis of mere emotion but on the basis of sincere reference. You cannot deny that chemistry, medicine, archeology, algebra and mechanics are the sole inventions of Muslim scientists.

Beliefs contribute a lot to the development and sustainability of a unique civilization. Therefore, no one could avoid the dependence of the Muslim civilization on the correction of the creed of the previous ethnic groups, Tauhid. All branches of philosophy, history and literature have come from Muslims for the advancement of existing science.
Muslims are always unique in terms of sociology, Sharia knowledge and language.
The structure, epoch-making and infrastructural richness of the various organizations and institutions of Islamic civilization have found a place in the third volume.

The caliphate and leadership according to Islamic Sharia, the direct involvement of the people with the system of governance, the ingenious method of electing the next caliph, and the practical application of consultation were civilizational excellences. The intellectual contribution of Muslims in the management of various ministries and ministries of Islamic civilization is truly commendable.

The introduction of letters and essays department, postal communication department, allowance and military department, finance, police administration and military department for the convenience of governing the country is the contribution of Muslims.

The administration of justice, the establishment of the judiciary, the responsibilities of the judges, the subordination of the judiciary, the formation of judicial tribunals, the formation of the anti-crime and anti-corruption divisions were all developed during the Muslim rule.

The intellectual system that Muslim civilization has introduced to provide services through healthcare, the current duplicate medical university, separate medical departments, patient care and humanitarian empathy has never been seen before in any other civilization.
Muslims were the first to introduce the use of panthanibas and inns to facilitate the movement of people. At that time the number of inns was several times more than the present public-private hotels.
In the fourth volume, there are some completely different patterns, aesthetics and civilization-based infrastructure.
No civilization has ever thought that beauty can ever be practiced. Only Islamic civilization has given the highest status to the practice of beauty. The value of architecture, ornamentation and Arabic calligraphy took on a large scale in Muslim civilization.

Muslims are the forerunners of all civilizations in the beauty of scientific discoveries, creativity in the practice of beauty, widespread expansion of aesthetic gardens, and the strategic installation of fountains and fountains.
The importance of human body, clothing, aesthetic houses, constructive roads, beautiful taste, beautiful speech, good character and unique taste has been given only by Islamic civilization. Even the beauty of beautiful names and titles has been taught to the world by Muslims.

The model of an aesthetic Islamic city, Crdoba, was in no way inferior to any of the most luxurious cities in the modern world.
The great influence of Muslim civilization can be noticed in European civilization. Islamic civilization has always influenced Europe in faith, law, science, language, literature, manners and art.
Islamic civilization has been widely recognized by many Western thinkers. Current civilizations in terms of science, ethics, and thought are largely Islamic civilizations.


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