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যোগাযোগ রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর Pdf Download

jogajog novel pdf download and  summary of the novel:

Book name: jogajog
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
Publications: Joy Publications
Printed price: 160 rupees
total 304 page
file size 42 mb


‘Yogayog’ is one of the most conflicting psychological novels in Bengali literature. The novel begins with the theme of Abinash Ghoshal’s 32nd birthday. We see that the flatterers use various tricks to degrade the Ghoshals in the society and at one time they fall in the society. As a result, there was an unspoken anger of the Ghoshals towards the Chatujyas.

In the novel we see the struggle of the feudal society and Madhusudan of the rich class. Due to the conflict between the Ghoshals and the Chatujyads, Madhusudan Ghoshal chose his wife from the Chatujyed dynasty. At first, despite Bipradas’s strong objections, he lost to Kumudini’s emotions. Eventually, Madhusudan Ghoshal’s intention was fulfilled by marrying Kumudini. The most interesting events of the novel take place during the marriage. Madhusudan Ghoshal seems to have taken revenge for the way the ancestors of the Ghoshal dynasty were expelled by the Chatujyas when he came to get married.

On the one hand, Madhusudan is a hard-hearted man, on the other hand, there is a cool-hearted relationship between calm and soft Kumur. Kumudini soon realizes that her husband is a professional man. He is not a man who spends time with his wife or shows too much compassion for her. Leaning towards and depriving Kumur of his wife’s rights which Kumudini could not accept. Hereditary anger, conflicts between the rich and the feudal lords, or strained relations were not secondary in any of the novels. The world poet has beautifully illustrated everything. I lost some interest in the middle of the novel. The last one was good

jogajog rabindranath tagore pdf Download link: click here

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