computer table price in Bangladesh কম্পিউটার টেবিল ডিজাইন ও দাম

কম্পিউটার টেবিল ডিজাইন ও দাম (Top 10)

Do you know what is the best way to store your computer? If not, this article will be of great help for you. It discusses about the benefits of buying a computer table and how it can help you avoid back pain and other health problems.
You know that sitting in front of a desk all day long is bad for your health, but many people don’t realize that just using a laptop on their lap or working at an un-desk job are also putting them at risk. The solution to these problems is purchasing a desktop computer table from Bangladesh which comes with ergonomic features such as height adjustment and adjustable armrests that provide support for neck and arms while typing. computer table price in Bangladesh with design:


  • কম্পিউটার টেবিল ছবি
  • কম্পিউটার টেবিল ডিজাইন
  • কম্পিউটার টেবিল ডিজাইন ও দাম
  • কাঠের কম্পিউটার টেবিল
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Laptop TableAdjustable Laptop Table
৳. 1,674

MarinaComputer Table | CTC-105-1-1-33
৳. 4,950

Laptop TableLTC-203-1-1-66
৳. 1,235

Laptop TableLTC-302-3-1-20
৳. 3,330

Laptop TableLTC-301-3-1-20
৳. 2,790

Computer TableCTC-106-1-1-33
৳. 6,035

Computer TableCTC-107-1-1-33
৳. 5,850

Computer TableCTC-103-1-1-33
৳. 5,130

MarigoldComputer Table | CTC-110-1-1-33
৳. 4,905

Laptop TableLTC-201-1-1-20
৳. 1,188

Computer TableCTC-101-1-1-20
৳. 3,103


All New Computer Table Price in Bangladesh (BD)


Knockdown Option Yes
Material Laminated Board
Utility price in bd computer table
Laptop Table-HLTC-201-1-10

৳ 1,238.00

৳ 1,375.00


Computer Table Cum Cabinet-HCTC-114

৳ 12,320.00

৳ 14,000.00

Computer Table-HCTC-112-1-10

৳ 7,920.00

৳ 9,000.00

Computer Table-HCTC-111-1-10

৳ 4,070.00

৳ 4,625.00

Computer Table-HCTC-110-1-10

৳ 7,536.00

৳ 8,563.00

Computer Table-HCTC-109-1-10

৳ 4,620.00

৳ 5,250.00

Computer Table-HCTC-108-1-10

৳ 4,400.00

৳ 5,000.00

Computer Table-HCTC-107-1-10

৳ 4,180.00

৳ 4,750.00

Computer Table-HCTC-106-1-10

৳ 2,530.00

৳ 2,875.00

Computer Table-HCTC-102-1-71

Computer Table-HCTC-102-1-71

৳ 5,500.00

৳ 6,250.00

Computer Table-HCTC-105-1-10

Computer Table-HCTC-105-1-10

৳ 5,996.00

৳ 6,813.00

Computer Table-HCTC-104-1-10

Computer Table-HCTC-104-1-10

৳ 4,510.00

৳ 5,125.00

Computer Table-HCTC-103-1-10

৳ 5,226.00

৳ 5,938.00

Computer Table-HCTC-101-1-10

৳ 2,640.00

৳ 3,000.00

Metal Computer Table-HCTC-201-1

Metal Computer Table-HCTC-201-1

৳ 3,263.00

৳ 3,625.00

Elsa-111-MFC(Top-AT+Leg-GT= Complete Table)
Elsa-111-MFC(Top-EB+Leg-GT= Complete Table)


The prices of the computer tables in Bangladesh vary from one to another. A person can find a quality and well-priced table within their budget, but they have to do their research on which product is best for them before deciding what price range they want to stay in. Some people may be able to get more bang for their buck by purchasing a used or refurbished model instead of brand new, so those are options as well when looking at how much money you’re willing give up.



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