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বিএনপি সময় অসময় Pdf Download by মহিউদ্দিন আহমদ

বই :বিএনপি সময় অসময়ে pdf
লেখক: মহিউদ্দীন আহমেদ
প্রকাশনী: প্রথমা প্রকাশন
মূল্য :৬০০ টাকা
পৃষ্ঠা: ৩৬৮

BNP: Time and

time again
BNP was born in the barracks,
In the hands of a general,
When he was at the center of power
The party has emerged as an alternative force in Bangladeshi politics
And representing a large part of the country’s population, there is no denying it
How to wake up from today’s BNP
How did Bangladeshi nationalism come about
And the founder of the BNP and the mastermind behind taking a country forward on the path of prosperity
The contribution of former President Ziaur Rahman is described in it ..
Ziaur Rahman about Bangladeshi nationalism
Every country, every nation has a dream
We also have a lot of dreams,
That dream is philosophy
With this philosophy “Bangladeshi nationalism”
Need to implement …
We dream of building a society free from exploitation, ensuring the rights of all through equitable distribution of wealth …
Ziaur Rahman’s dream, which has come to the fore in his speech – ‘We are all Bangladeshis, we are Bangladeshis first and Bangladeshis last. This soil is ours, we need to take inspiration from this soil. Our goal is to make the nation strong. It is possible through unity, discipline, patriotism, devotion and hard work.
“The team is bigger than the individual
Country bigger than team ”
– Ziaur Rahman


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